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{December 31, 2009}   Happy New Year!!

I had thought about doing a year in review, but the more I thought about it, I couldn’t remember much past last week!!!

Christmas at the Rocket House was good. Hubby had to work Christmas Eve, so we got off to a very late start at his parents. Em got a lot of clothes and some toys. Loud toys. Toys that she LOVES to play with! She was still going strong at 12:30am as all the adults were falling asleep!! Home and in bed by 1:30am, which meant that Christmas Day started a bit late. Slept in until about 8:30, had a leisurely breakfast of cold cereal (I REALLY wanted to make cinnamon rolls but with getting home so late, I didn’t really have the mental capacity to figure out how to slice frozen bread dough as well as strategically place the rolls in a pan to rise over night.  Maybe for New Years….), then opened presents. Em loved handing gifts out to everyone. She also liked unwrapping them. She’d open the box and say “ohhhhhh” like it was the most interesting thing she’s ever seen…even if it was just clothes! We got her an Elmo…he doesn’t talk or dance or nothin’! The first thing she did was hug him then try to feed him a piece of her cereal 🙂 After the nap that wasn’t (she slept 5 minutes and deemed that to be enough), we headed over to my parents for dinner and presents. This time around she got an Elmo that talks! Thank God for off switches!! She also got a basketball hoop. She likes to throw things so we thought this would give her an outlet for her throwing. She’s used it a few times and is pretty good. We have one more Christmas on Saturday with Hubby’s grandmothers and then we are done for another year. *phew*

Hopefully I’ll be able to get to my computer soon and upload a few pictures. Hubby bought a new TV. It stopped working the next day. The company sent him a new one….it worked but the mount was bent and the case was broken. So UPS took it back (because the company said it wasn’t their fault, but really, the TV had almost NO packaging and could move around quite a bit in the box…..), but we are refusing to send the first TV back to the company until we have a working TV. So, the TV sits, in the box, in front of my computer in the computer room. I think it might get moved tonight so Hubby and a friend can do some gaming. If so, I can FINALLY get the pictures off the camera and share my cute peanut with the world 🙂

Only one more hour of work. It’s been so slow today. We had, at the most, 16 kids here today and 12 adults. I was able to get a little bit of stuff done to get ready for our licensing visit, but otherwise, I sat and tried to look busy. I’m just ready to go home and have fondue!!!


{December 3, 2009}   Let it snow!

We got our first snow today. Not enough to play in but enough to remind me that Em still needs boots!
Things are going well with Em’s new sleep habits. Things were a little crazy with Thanksgiving and lots of stay home days, but we jumped right back into things this week. Actually, she has started going right into her crib after a little snuggle time on the couch. It has been taking her about 30 minutes to fall asleep, but she’s doing it all by herself 🙂 She’s back to waking up once in the night, but she usually falls right back to sleep. Except for Tuesday, well very early Wednesday. I think she knows that I have to be at work before she wakes up on Wednesdays because she wakes up screaming and won’t calm down. This week it was from 3 am until about 4:30. Which is super awesome when one has to be at work at 6:30! I’m not sure why she does it but it’s sure annoying!
We’re slowly starting our Christmas shopping. The tree is up, lights only. Em has been good about leaving it alone, but I’m nervous about adding ornaments. We probably won’t put presents out this year. I don’t trust her to not unwrap them all ahead of time!
I have a baby-free outing with my sister this weekend and I’m super excited! I don’t do much without her. I long for “me time” but I feel like I spend so much time away from her as it is. It’s a hard to describe place to be.
Oh! Em is finally starting to make animal noises and mimicking words! She’s almost 18 months so I was starting to get worried! Woo-hoo!

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