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{February 17, 2010}   Happy February!

Whoa! Where did January go?? We finally got the new tv and got the old tv out of the room, but I’ve still only been on my computer a small number of times. I’ve been working on a wedding gift for a friend and reading a series of books in my “spare” time at home. Spare time at work has been pretty non-existent….but I guess that’s why they pay me the big bucks (to work 45 hours for the price of 40!).
Em is becoming a little chatterbox lately. She knows the word “yellow” and knows what it means….although more often than not, other colors are “yellow” too. I think though she just says “yellow” in hopes that we tell her the right word (which we do).
Today I got a text at work that said, “she ate half of a Reese’s heart…” The next text the said,”and she’s wearing the other half!” That’s the second time this week she’s obtained contraband candy! Figures…she gets her daddy’s hazel eyes and curly red hair and she gets my lack of willpower when it comes to chocolate!
We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics a bit. Super exciting to see Shaun White win tonight. I had planned on going to bed and saw that snowboarding was on so I had to stay up. Snowboarding is one of those things that, had it been this big when I was little, I probably would have tried. I know if Em wants to snowboard when she gets bigger, I’m probably going to have to try it, won’t do well at it, and then will be all jealous when Em just rocks at it. *sigh*
YAWN! Ok, better head to bed. I’ll try to write more. Gotta keep my 2 readers entertained 🙂


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