Rocketpuppy's world

{March 2, 2010}   And it’s March!

February is short…that’s my excuse!
Ugh! The last few days have been rough. Saturday we went to Target for groceries (Em even chanted “target! Target!” when we pulled up to the driveway) and she puked all over! The rest to the day was a wash…lots of cuddling, hoping she didn’t get sick again. Sunday started very much the same, although this time the puke was mostly water and all over me. Today she was fine (oh yeah, fine yesterday) except for the two horribly stinky and loose diapers she had. Poor thing has lost weight ( her pants fell off when I took her out of the car this morning!) and is eating some but not much. Mostly crackers and soup. She wants milk, but I’m not sure if that’s helping or making it worse. She’s home with Daddy tomorrow so I’m sure the phone is going to ring all day regarding her diapers or something.
She didn’t sleep well last night. Hopefully tonight will be better…


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