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{January 3, 2012}   Happy New Year!

I’m a real party animal…I rang in the New Year by finishing a scarf that I started crocheting the night before! Actually, my sister and a friend of ours came over for fondue and fun. Then I was too full to do anything else, so my sister, daughter and I watched TV while Hubby and our friend played WoW. Yup, we’re wild and crazy 🙂

I started crocheting about 11 months ago. I just remember that I started the weekend after the early childhood conference I attend every year. I’m presenting at the conference this year…I should probably prepare something for that….ANYWAY, I started by making a small scarf for my daughter’s doll. Then I moved onto amigurami. I can’t remember what I made first, but I eventually made the sea creatures for the “Slippery Fish” song. I was going to upload a picture, but apparently I don’t have any on this computer. Weird! Anyway, this summer, I decided to make a shawl for my mom’s birthday. I found pattern that was “easy” and sat down to make it. I had the WORST time getting it started, so I just did a modified double crochet in the back side of the chain and stitched that until Christmas 🙂 I say “modified” because I THOUGHT I was doing a double crochet, but recently found out that I wasn’t. I wasn’t even doing a half-crochet! She got it for Christmas and said she liked it. I then made 2 more scarves as gifts. THEN I realized I was doing the stitch wrong, so I made myself a scarf and I LOVE it! I KNOW I don’t have a picture of the “good” scarf, but at sometime I WILL post some.

I’m really considering selling my work. Doing custom orders of scarves or shawls. I also like making the little animals (the kitties are my favorite), but I’m not as confident about stitching all the parts together as I’d need to be to actually collect money for them. I just have to figure out how to collect money from people…and brace myself for the quiet times when no one is asking for a scarf or interested in my work. I’d like to start a shawl (by request) for my sister, but she hasn’t gotten back to me regarding the color. I’m just itching to start 🙂 I also bought a HUGE hook (size S) that I’m looking forward to trying, but probably not on the shawl.

AHhhh! I’m blind!! We gave the three-year old a camera for Christmas and she just took a picture RIGHT IN MY FACE!! She’s so happy with it, though. It’s hard to be made when she’s so happy 🙂


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