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I think this might be my next project. I haven’t crocheted at all since just before Christmas. I’m itching to get back at it, but my wrist has been bugging me (just FYI: if your bad wrist gives out while lifting a heavy coffee table, don’t continue moving the table, thinking it won’t hurt this time. It will, and for a week!), and just tonight the other hand started hurting. I’m guessing there’s a change in the weather. That and my birthday is next week, so old age is setting in 🙂


{January 1, 2013}   2013!


Puppy made this a few months back. She just surprised the heck out of me! She’s currently sitting on the floor at my feet, reading Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes. It just makes me smile.
So it’s been a year…I have been a crocheting crazy person! I made a bunny blanket for a friend’s baby. I made a baby blanket for another friend to give as a gift. Puppy got a mommy-made Hello Kitty for Christmas. I made a couple different pairs of slippers, and wrapped up the year by cranking out two lapghans. *phew* When I have my act together (by which I mean, have a working computer with pictures loaded on it…), I’ll create a gallery. Until then, you can go to my facebook page and take a peek.
In early childhood news….I got nothing! I’ve been on winter break for the last 11 days. Hopefully I’ll remember how to be a teacher when I get back in the morning 🙂

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