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I think this might be my next project. I haven’t crocheted at all since just before Christmas. I’m itching to get back at it, but my wrist has been bugging me (just FYI: if your bad wrist gives out while lifting a heavy coffee table, don’t continue moving the table, thinking it won’t hurt this time. It will, and for a week!), and just tonight the other hand started hurting. I’m guessing there’s a change in the weather. That and my birthday is next week, so old age is setting in 🙂


{January 1, 2013}   2013!


Puppy made this a few months back. She just surprised the heck out of me! She’s currently sitting on the floor at my feet, reading Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes. It just makes me smile.
So it’s been a year…I have been a crocheting crazy person! I made a bunny blanket for a friend’s baby. I made a baby blanket for another friend to give as a gift. Puppy got a mommy-made Hello Kitty for Christmas. I made a couple different pairs of slippers, and wrapped up the year by cranking out two lapghans. *phew* When I have my act together (by which I mean, have a working computer with pictures loaded on it…), I’ll create a gallery. Until then, you can go to my facebook page and take a peek.
In early childhood news….I got nothing! I’ve been on winter break for the last 11 days. Hopefully I’ll remember how to be a teacher when I get back in the morning 🙂

{January 3, 2012}   Happy New Year!

I’m a real party animal…I rang in the New Year by finishing a scarf that I started crocheting the night before! Actually, my sister and a friend of ours came over for fondue and fun. Then I was too full to do anything else, so my sister, daughter and I watched TV while Hubby and our friend played WoW. Yup, we’re wild and crazy 🙂

I started crocheting about 11 months ago. I just remember that I started the weekend after the early childhood conference I attend every year. I’m presenting at the conference this year…I should probably prepare something for that….ANYWAY, I started by making a small scarf for my daughter’s doll. Then I moved onto amigurami. I can’t remember what I made first, but I eventually made the sea creatures for the “Slippery Fish” song. I was going to upload a picture, but apparently I don’t have any on this computer. Weird! Anyway, this summer, I decided to make a shawl for my mom’s birthday. I found pattern that was “easy” and sat down to make it. I had the WORST time getting it started, so I just did a modified double crochet in the back side of the chain and stitched that until Christmas 🙂 I say “modified” because I THOUGHT I was doing a double crochet, but recently found out that I wasn’t. I wasn’t even doing a half-crochet! She got it for Christmas and said she liked it. I then made 2 more scarves as gifts. THEN I realized I was doing the stitch wrong, so I made myself a scarf and I LOVE it! I KNOW I don’t have a picture of the “good” scarf, but at sometime I WILL post some.

I’m really considering selling my work. Doing custom orders of scarves or shawls. I also like making the little animals (the kitties are my favorite), but I’m not as confident about stitching all the parts together as I’d need to be to actually collect money for them. I just have to figure out how to collect money from people…and brace myself for the quiet times when no one is asking for a scarf or interested in my work. I’d like to start a shawl (by request) for my sister, but she hasn’t gotten back to me regarding the color. I’m just itching to start 🙂 I also bought a HUGE hook (size S) that I’m looking forward to trying, but probably not on the shawl.

AHhhh! I’m blind!! We gave the three-year old a camera for Christmas and she just took a picture RIGHT IN MY FACE!! She’s so happy with it, though. It’s hard to be made when she’s so happy 🙂

{December 30, 2011}   Better living through chemistry

Last night, my sister and I drove 3 hours round trip for a 2 hour concert. TOTALLY worth it! We went to see an accapella group, Tonic Sol Fa, in their annual Christmas show. They do a show locally, but it is expensive, would require me to take PTO at work to get there on time, and I just didn’t want to do that when I was going to HAVE to take PTO this week for the holiday break. But this trip was a big thing for me. It required me to drive somewhere unknown AND to drive in the dark. At least it wasn’t raining! I HATE driving in the rain! I would not have been able to make this trip 2 years ago. Heck, I wouldn’t even drive downtown for the local show 2 years ago!
I was first diagnosed with depression about 20 years ago. I was a junior in high school, my best friend had moved to go to college, I was secretly dating a guy because his parents didn’t want him dating anyone, my mom was pressuring me to get my learner’s permit, and things were just different and hard. So, during Christmas break, mom dragged me to the doctor’s and was told that I was fine, just depressed. Part of me wishes that I had been given more “treatment” at the time. I think it would have made the last 20 years a little smoother. I eventually bounced back, but anytime there were major changes in life, I would slide into depression. I suppose the anxiety of the unknown made it easier to shut down instead of to deal with things. Along with all this, I also could not eat in front of others and was afraid of making a fool of myself around people I didn’t know well. And even those that I did know, I guess. For example, I have known hubby since my freshman year of high school. When we started dating 2 years after I graduated, he had never really seen me eat, and I had never really talked to him. We had know each other for 6 years and didn’t know anything other than each other’s names and friends!
I managed to control the depression and anxiety by basically ignoring it or situations that would trigger it. This was all well an good until it began interfering with my job. I was in an administrative position in a child care, and I was unable to handle parts of my job because of my fear of failure and whatnot. This in turn made me feel like I was not a good person, mother, or wife. In August of 2010 I saw a doctor and was given an official diagnosis for social anxiety and depression. I started on medication and within a month I was feeling more like my old self. I had also been asked to step down from my position and spent 2 months, “getting better.” Sleeping, eating, playing, relaxing, and just being human again. During this time, I took my daughter to the Mall and the zoo, and all kinds of places I would not have gone to alone in the past. The BIGGEST step I took was this past summer, when I drove to Wisconsin to meet a bunch of people I have known online for many years. Not only was I driving a long way, I was meeting people. And I was ok with it!! I got sick about a week later, and I had to stop my medication….and discovered that I am much better on it than off it! My stomach flu triggered erythema nodosum – inflammation of the fat cells. My legs were all bruised and bumpy and my joints hurt. I couldn’t run or play and I was really just happier being wrapped up in a heating pad or electric blanket. Add that to being off the meds and I was not a healthy girl! I took a couple days off of work to get myself back on my feet and now know that I HAVE to remember my meds OR ELSE.
I always thought I was anti-medication, but without it, I am not a good mommy, teacher, or wife. Unfortunately, it does make me not care so much about the mess in my house and stuff like that, but I figure that’s better than being anxious about the mess 🙂

{December 28, 2011}   Refresh

I’ve been thinking about blogging again. I’ve started reading some good early childhood blogs and think, “I could do that.” I have also spent the last year+ dealing with depression, anxiety, and social anxiety, and I think, I could write about that. I know I’m not alone! I have also been crocheting for almost a year so I could write about that, share links to patterns, etc.

so, that’s the plan. But first, time to put the little one to bed.

{July 30, 2010}   I’m back!

Ok, so it’s almost August. Sorry for the absence. Blogging is not that easy on the iPod, and I really don’t get the time to play at work. I’m hoping to get on the computer at home more so MAYBE I’ll actually post again.

The Puppy (short for “Rocketpuppy” of course 🙂 ) is now 2. I used to teach 3 year olds and always thought that was my favorite age, but I’m kind of liking the 2 thing right now. She’s talking SO much, repeating phrases and actions (no naughty words, thank goodness!). She’s got her own vocabulary, such as “eemoo” for “thank you” and “hane” for “flag.” She calls my dad “Papa Hane” because he has a flag in the front yard 🙂 She’s become even more active in the last few weeks. “Bounce” is one of her new words!! I really would like to get her into some sort of large muscle class, just to burn off some energy and maybe socialize her a little. I’m just having a tough time finding something for children under the age of 3 that we can afford AND that is not in the middle of the day (cuz some of us work, ya know). She LOVES her kitties and has been known to sit under the dining room table with Tigger. Most mornings she says goodbye to each of them before going to grandma’s: “Bye-bye Kitty Rory, Bye-bye Nunny Kitty, bye-bye kitty Roo-Roo.” So cute!
Mommy’s life has been…something lately. I have been stressed at work and lately came to the conclusion that I may have a bit of depression. This week has actually been ok, but I need to find a way to handle stress and get a better handle on life so that I can be a good mommy for the Puppy. I took a couple of days off from work to spend some time playing with the kid, but once I got done with a haircut and oil change, I just didn’t want to do anything else but read a book…all weekend! Not BAD, but I could have been doing so much more….I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping that can help me find me again.
Well, it’s almost 1am and I’m sure my day will start bright and early at 7am. Target day….Puppy’s favorite 🙂

{March 2, 2010}   And it’s March!

February is short…that’s my excuse!
Ugh! The last few days have been rough. Saturday we went to Target for groceries (Em even chanted “target! Target!” when we pulled up to the driveway) and she puked all over! The rest to the day was a wash…lots of cuddling, hoping she didn’t get sick again. Sunday started very much the same, although this time the puke was mostly water and all over me. Today she was fine (oh yeah, fine yesterday) except for the two horribly stinky and loose diapers she had. Poor thing has lost weight ( her pants fell off when I took her out of the car this morning!) and is eating some but not much. Mostly crackers and soup. She wants milk, but I’m not sure if that’s helping or making it worse. She’s home with Daddy tomorrow so I’m sure the phone is going to ring all day regarding her diapers or something.
She didn’t sleep well last night. Hopefully tonight will be better…

{February 17, 2010}   Happy February!

Whoa! Where did January go?? We finally got the new tv and got the old tv out of the room, but I’ve still only been on my computer a small number of times. I’ve been working on a wedding gift for a friend and reading a series of books in my “spare” time at home. Spare time at work has been pretty non-existent….but I guess that’s why they pay me the big bucks (to work 45 hours for the price of 40!).
Em is becoming a little chatterbox lately. She knows the word “yellow” and knows what it means….although more often than not, other colors are “yellow” too. I think though she just says “yellow” in hopes that we tell her the right word (which we do).
Today I got a text at work that said, “she ate half of a Reese’s heart…” The next text the said,”and she’s wearing the other half!” That’s the second time this week she’s obtained contraband candy! Figures…she gets her daddy’s hazel eyes and curly red hair and she gets my lack of willpower when it comes to chocolate!
We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics a bit. Super exciting to see Shaun White win tonight. I had planned on going to bed and saw that snowboarding was on so I had to stay up. Snowboarding is one of those things that, had it been this big when I was little, I probably would have tried. I know if Em wants to snowboard when she gets bigger, I’m probably going to have to try it, won’t do well at it, and then will be all jealous when Em just rocks at it. *sigh*
YAWN! Ok, better head to bed. I’ll try to write more. Gotta keep my 2 readers entertained 🙂

{December 31, 2009}   Happy New Year!!

I had thought about doing a year in review, but the more I thought about it, I couldn’t remember much past last week!!!

Christmas at the Rocket House was good. Hubby had to work Christmas Eve, so we got off to a very late start at his parents. Em got a lot of clothes and some toys. Loud toys. Toys that she LOVES to play with! She was still going strong at 12:30am as all the adults were falling asleep!! Home and in bed by 1:30am, which meant that Christmas Day started a bit late. Slept in until about 8:30, had a leisurely breakfast of cold cereal (I REALLY wanted to make cinnamon rolls but with getting home so late, I didn’t really have the mental capacity to figure out how to slice frozen bread dough as well as strategically place the rolls in a pan to rise over night.  Maybe for New Years….), then opened presents. Em loved handing gifts out to everyone. She also liked unwrapping them. She’d open the box and say “ohhhhhh” like it was the most interesting thing she’s ever seen…even if it was just clothes! We got her an Elmo…he doesn’t talk or dance or nothin’! The first thing she did was hug him then try to feed him a piece of her cereal 🙂 After the nap that wasn’t (she slept 5 minutes and deemed that to be enough), we headed over to my parents for dinner and presents. This time around she got an Elmo that talks! Thank God for off switches!! She also got a basketball hoop. She likes to throw things so we thought this would give her an outlet for her throwing. She’s used it a few times and is pretty good. We have one more Christmas on Saturday with Hubby’s grandmothers and then we are done for another year. *phew*

Hopefully I’ll be able to get to my computer soon and upload a few pictures. Hubby bought a new TV. It stopped working the next day. The company sent him a new one….it worked but the mount was bent and the case was broken. So UPS took it back (because the company said it wasn’t their fault, but really, the TV had almost NO packaging and could move around quite a bit in the box…..), but we are refusing to send the first TV back to the company until we have a working TV. So, the TV sits, in the box, in front of my computer in the computer room. I think it might get moved tonight so Hubby and a friend can do some gaming. If so, I can FINALLY get the pictures off the camera and share my cute peanut with the world 🙂

Only one more hour of work. It’s been so slow today. We had, at the most, 16 kids here today and 12 adults. I was able to get a little bit of stuff done to get ready for our licensing visit, but otherwise, I sat and tried to look busy. I’m just ready to go home and have fondue!!!

{December 3, 2009}   Let it snow!

We got our first snow today. Not enough to play in but enough to remind me that Em still needs boots!
Things are going well with Em’s new sleep habits. Things were a little crazy with Thanksgiving and lots of stay home days, but we jumped right back into things this week. Actually, she has started going right into her crib after a little snuggle time on the couch. It has been taking her about 30 minutes to fall asleep, but she’s doing it all by herself 🙂 She’s back to waking up once in the night, but she usually falls right back to sleep. Except for Tuesday, well very early Wednesday. I think she knows that I have to be at work before she wakes up on Wednesdays because she wakes up screaming and won’t calm down. This week it was from 3 am until about 4:30. Which is super awesome when one has to be at work at 6:30! I’m not sure why she does it but it’s sure annoying!
We’re slowly starting our Christmas shopping. The tree is up, lights only. Em has been good about leaving it alone, but I’m nervous about adding ornaments. We probably won’t put presents out this year. I don’t trust her to not unwrap them all ahead of time!
I have a baby-free outing with my sister this weekend and I’m super excited! I don’t do much without her. I long for “me time” but I feel like I spend so much time away from her as it is. It’s a hard to describe place to be.
Oh! Em is finally starting to make animal noises and mimicking words! She’s almost 18 months so I was starting to get worried! Woo-hoo!

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