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{November 21, 2009}   Sweet dreams….

Ok, so the Baby Dry diapers didn’t really work as advertised. Here’s the deal: According to the Pampers website, even though the diapers may be the correct size for her weight, they may not be the correct size for the absorbency that she needs. Essentially, I need to put her in size 5’s for bedtime and 4’s the rest of the time. Really, just make the diapers ALL the same absorbency, regardless of the size. But, she IS sleeping through the night, so that’s a good thing. Last Saturday we were up every hour and I was SO done!! I went to my favorite “helping babies go to sleep” site,, and was fully intending to spend money to become a member or to buy her e-books or SOMETHING. Yes, I was going to spend money just for the hope of more sleep. Instead, I read a bit more about sleep associations and decided that Em needed to learn how to fall asleep NOT in my lap in front of the TV, and she needed to snuggle something other than my skin. I gave her the blanket off the back of her racking chair (so it would smell like me) and a favorite stuffed animal and we went up to my bed to lay down. Yeah, it’s not her crib, but until we turn it into a toddler bed, it was easier than climbing into her crib with her. She lay on the bed, snuggled her blanket, and fell asleep in 15 minutes! AND she slept all night!!! Tuesday night was the only night that she woke up but otherwise she’s slept all night…well, at least until 5:45 or 6am, and then we snuggle in my bed until I have to get up for the day.  I hope it wasn’t just a fluke. I’m kind of liking the sleep thing 🙂

Thanksgiving is this week. We have both sets of parents and our sisters (and Hubby’s sister’s husband) over for dinner. We’ve been doing it for years. It’s a nice time, but I’m always so exhausted by the time we sit down to eat. We’ll see how Em does…she likes chicken nuggets but has never had turkey. She hasn’t ever eaten much of the rest of the food (she’s tried it but spit it out) except for fruit salad. Hopefully I won’t been seen as a “bad mom” if I have to give her hot dogs or something if she doesn’t eat! She’ll eat pie though!! We’ll try to get the Christmas tree up the next day while Daddy is at work. She didn’t bother the tree last year, but she’s a lot more mobile and curious (and naughty!!) this year so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

NaNo update….haven’t written since day 2. I worked 45.5 hours at work last week, as well as a work-related meeting at my house last Saturday. I really thought I could get back into things but I don’t think November is my month. Next year I’ll have to try to get the budget done and tied up before Halloween so I don’t have to deal with it at all after that. That was my plan this year, but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Yeah, I won’t quit my job….not yet anyway. Hee-hee…funny how a NaNo update turned into a paragraph about work. See why I don’t write novels??


{November 8, 2009}   NaNo update

Wrote less that 2000 words on Monday. Haven’t written since. In my defense, I worked 4 8+ hour days and one 11+ hour day PLUS being the mommy, so I’ve been a little fried. Maybe tomorrow…I’ve got some other computer stuff to do and I might actually have a little creativity in me.

On an unrelated note, we’re trying Baby Dry diapers tonight, in an attempt to keep the baby dry. I’m tired of washing jammies and blankets!! I’m also hoping she’ll feel drier and maybe sleep better. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

{November 2, 2009}   NaNo

I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I have exactly 209 words written…the goal is 50000 by the end of the month. Intimidating, no? The best part is that I went into this with NO idea what to write, so after all my initial writing, I decided that I want to go a different way and need to restart. I’m hoping to get on a computer tonight so I don’t have to write it all by hand and transfer it to the computer later. Wish me luck!!
Time to get ready for work. I really hope this is a drama free week. I don’t think I can take any more drama this year!!

{October 23, 2009}   Happy Halloween, pt 1

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{October 7, 2009}   I want my mommy!

Actually, I want my baby. I’m just having a day. Not a bad day, just a day. All I want right now is a cuddle with my baby, and I’m at work and she’s at home. AND I can’t call home to see how the day is going and what not because it’s naptime. If I call and it’s NOT naptime, then I’ll be mad at Daddy, so I just don’t call. I have to go upstairs and talk with my supervisor at some point today and I’m probably going to cry, and that sucks. I just want to go home. Or to Cancun. I’m not picky right now…..

{October 3, 2009}   Eight minutes…

I’ve got 8…nope 7 minutes until bedtime. Baby’s not mine. I’m not very good with bedtime for me. No real routine or set bedtime. Unfortunatly, it’s sort of been the same for Baby. But this last week, we’ve been nursing a little earlier, snuggling on the couch earlier, and she’s been falling asleep earlier AND sleeping better! Right now she’s taking everything off the living room table and tossing it on the floor. One more thing to take care of before bed – clean-up!
We’re still trying to figure out Halloween…the costume, the events, etc. We won’t take her trick-or-treating with the exception of a couple of neighbors and maybe the grandparents. Last year we went to the Mall of America but that was psycho crazy and I will not repeat that! Last year she was a cute lion. What will she be this year?
Ok it’s bedtime. Good night!

{September 29, 2009}   Stay home day

I have a stay home day today 🙂 The car is in the shop so Baby and I are just chillin’ at home. We’ve already vacuumed the living room (because I let her eat breakfast there and she crushed Rice Chex in the rug) and cleaned out the garden. I wanted to get the sunflowers out before it rained again…
Two years ago I purchased sunflower seeds, planted the whole package and watched a couple of plants grow. The squirrels got the rest. I collected the seeds from two flower heads and then planted some this spring. I was sneeky and hid them from the squirrels 🙂 I got about 10 good sized flowers this year! One stalk was about 7 feet tall and at least an inch in diameter!! I collected six good sized heads and will get the seeds from those to plant next year. My sister wants some and I want to see if a friend of mine wants some for her new house and I’ll bring some to work…. And I’ll still probaby have a ton left!
While I did all the garden work, Baby ran around the yard and the back patio. I found 2 cucumbers hiding in the garden and she carried them around with her 🙂 She’s sleeping now, and she generally doesn’t take a morning nap! She slept through the night for the first time in a VERY long time but was up for the day at 6 am, so I think she can have a short nap now then a longer nap after lunch. Maybe she’ll let me do a little work? I could do it now, but it’s almost lunchtime. One should never start a project before lunch 🙂

{September 22, 2009}   I should be sleeping….

The advice most given when you are pregnant, and later as a new parent, is to sleep when your baby sleeps. It’s good advice, in theory. For a while you DO sleep when they sleep. In my case, I was nursing and SO dehydrated that I’d just fall asleep while she’d eat. She’d sleep, wake up, wake me up, switch sides, repeat…. Then this gets old, or you start to stink from the lack of bathing or clean clothes (or both!) and you realize the only way you are going to get bathed is to stay awake while the baby sleeps. That little bit of freedom goes to your head and you start to think of all the other things you can do while your baby snoozes. You could eat…or pee…..or maybe even check your email!! Eventually, things settle down, the baby stays awake longer and before you know it, your are awake in the daytime and asleep at night, like a normal person. You get reacquainted with daytime television (after a month or so of watching overnight infomercials, daytime tv is nice), you might even venture out into the sunlight once or twice. Then you go back to work and life begins anew. *sigh*

I should be sleeping because Baby has not been sleeping well. Sunday night she woke up at 1am and did not go to sleep until 6am. I had to leave for work at 8:30am, so you can do the math on how much sleep I got. Last night was better. Tomorrow I work at 6:30am, so I REALLY should be in bed, sound asleep now, but it’s the first chance I’ve had in a long time to actually work on the computer at home. I changed my theme, added links, possibly added a picture (I’ve got to double check that….). I enjoy the freedom of mommy time, but know that it could be cut short at anytime if Baby wakes up. Her little lite-up aquarium died the other night (needs new batteries). Luckily she doesn’t need it to help her sleep, but it is sure nice to have when she loses her nuk or to just help calm her if she’s not quite asleep but mommy is (I never knew I could sleep standing up until I had Baby!). Hopefully we can get that fixed tomorrow.

Well, enough talk of sleep. I should actually do something about it….like go to bed!

{September 20, 2009}   Fevers and concussions

Baby’s got a fever. She had three shots yesterday, so I think that’s why. She didn’t sleep well because of it last night, but we slept in this morning and she got in a good nap this afternoon so she stayed in good spirits. She played with her toys and helped vacuum the house, snuggled with the kitties, the usual.
Somewhere, probably from the cat, she learned to head bump as a sign of affection. Every night when she tells Daddy night-night, the bump foreheads. I try to control the speed at which she moves in for the bump, but tonight she just flew in and they clonked! The best part was both of them reaching up to rub their foreheads at the same time 🙂 She’s totally her daddy’s girl!
I’ve been waking up with a really sore back so I’m in no hurry to go to bed. Oddly, sleeping on the couch with a one year old last night didn’t bother me. Maybe I should sleep on the couch…I’ll keep you posted!

{September 18, 2009}   Baby love

Just have to share how much I love my daughter. I switched her toys around tonight and totally enjoyed watching her play with her “new” toys. She clapped when she figured out the right order for the ring stacker! I clapped too 🙂 Right now she’s flipping through the channels… Nope. I think the cable box just stroked out from too much button pushing! Time to fix it and get into jammies!

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