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{December 3, 2009}   Let it snow!

We got our first snow today. Not enough to play in but enough to remind me that Em still needs boots!
Things are going well with Em’s new sleep habits. Things were a little crazy with Thanksgiving and lots of stay home days, but we jumped right back into things this week. Actually, she has started going right into her crib after a little snuggle time on the couch. It has been taking her about 30 minutes to fall asleep, but she’s doing it all by herself 🙂 She’s back to waking up once in the night, but she usually falls right back to sleep. Except for Tuesday, well very early Wednesday. I think she knows that I have to be at work before she wakes up on Wednesdays because she wakes up screaming and won’t calm down. This week it was from 3 am until about 4:30. Which is super awesome when one has to be at work at 6:30! I’m not sure why she does it but it’s sure annoying!
We’re slowly starting our Christmas shopping. The tree is up, lights only. Em has been good about leaving it alone, but I’m nervous about adding ornaments. We probably won’t put presents out this year. I don’t trust her to not unwrap them all ahead of time!
I have a baby-free outing with my sister this weekend and I’m super excited! I don’t do much without her. I long for “me time” but I feel like I spend so much time away from her as it is. It’s a hard to describe place to be.
Oh! Em is finally starting to make animal noises and mimicking words! She’s almost 18 months so I was starting to get worried! Woo-hoo!


{November 21, 2009}   Sweet dreams….

Ok, so the Baby Dry diapers didn’t really work as advertised. Here’s the deal: According to the Pampers website, even though the diapers may be the correct size for her weight, they may not be the correct size for the absorbency that she needs. Essentially, I need to put her in size 5’s for bedtime and 4’s the rest of the time. Really, just make the diapers ALL the same absorbency, regardless of the size. But, she IS sleeping through the night, so that’s a good thing. Last Saturday we were up every hour and I was SO done!! I went to my favorite “helping babies go to sleep” site,, and was fully intending to spend money to become a member or to buy her e-books or SOMETHING. Yes, I was going to spend money just for the hope of more sleep. Instead, I read a bit more about sleep associations and decided that Em needed to learn how to fall asleep NOT in my lap in front of the TV, and she needed to snuggle something other than my skin. I gave her the blanket off the back of her racking chair (so it would smell like me) and a favorite stuffed animal and we went up to my bed to lay down. Yeah, it’s not her crib, but until we turn it into a toddler bed, it was easier than climbing into her crib with her. She lay on the bed, snuggled her blanket, and fell asleep in 15 minutes! AND she slept all night!!! Tuesday night was the only night that she woke up but otherwise she’s slept all night…well, at least until 5:45 or 6am, and then we snuggle in my bed until I have to get up for the day.  I hope it wasn’t just a fluke. I’m kind of liking the sleep thing 🙂

Thanksgiving is this week. We have both sets of parents and our sisters (and Hubby’s sister’s husband) over for dinner. We’ve been doing it for years. It’s a nice time, but I’m always so exhausted by the time we sit down to eat. We’ll see how Em does…she likes chicken nuggets but has never had turkey. She hasn’t ever eaten much of the rest of the food (she’s tried it but spit it out) except for fruit salad. Hopefully I won’t been seen as a “bad mom” if I have to give her hot dogs or something if she doesn’t eat! She’ll eat pie though!! We’ll try to get the Christmas tree up the next day while Daddy is at work. She didn’t bother the tree last year, but she’s a lot more mobile and curious (and naughty!!) this year so we’ll see how it goes.  I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

NaNo update….haven’t written since day 2. I worked 45.5 hours at work last week, as well as a work-related meeting at my house last Saturday. I really thought I could get back into things but I don’t think November is my month. Next year I’ll have to try to get the budget done and tied up before Halloween so I don’t have to deal with it at all after that. That was my plan this year, but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Yeah, I won’t quit my job….not yet anyway. Hee-hee…funny how a NaNo update turned into a paragraph about work. See why I don’t write novels??

{September 20, 2009}   Fevers and concussions

Baby’s got a fever. She had three shots yesterday, so I think that’s why. She didn’t sleep well because of it last night, but we slept in this morning and she got in a good nap this afternoon so she stayed in good spirits. She played with her toys and helped vacuum the house, snuggled with the kitties, the usual.
Somewhere, probably from the cat, she learned to head bump as a sign of affection. Every night when she tells Daddy night-night, the bump foreheads. I try to control the speed at which she moves in for the bump, but tonight she just flew in and they clonked! The best part was both of them reaching up to rub their foreheads at the same time 🙂 She’s totally her daddy’s girl!
I’ve been waking up with a really sore back so I’m in no hurry to go to bed. Oddly, sleeping on the couch with a one year old last night didn’t bother me. Maybe I should sleep on the couch…I’ll keep you posted!

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